handmade leather journals

All books are completely handmade by myself in London, England. Only the finest leather is sourced from local markets, tanneries, or as off-cuts from fashion designers. Special attention is always paid when cutting the perfect cover to incorporate the natural edges, holes, and textures for each journal. Paper is of high quality stationery around 100 gsm in weight and typically white or cream in colour (though anything is available). Pages are cut to size at a fellow book-making studio within 10-minute walking distance in Hackney, then holes are drilled in 10-minute walking distance opposite direction at another studio in Haggerston. Common sizes are A6 (4"x6") and A5 (8"x6"). The paper blocks of roughly 100 sheets are then stitched together with linen thread, and a small strip of fabric called a "mull" is glued around the spine for added strength. The inside endsheets are then cut either from attractive solid colour Canson paper, or from specially-selected unique papers for added character (music sheets, dress patterns, maps, graph paper, etc…). The strap is selected either from the same piece of leather or from an appealing complimentary piece. All of the ingredients are then glued and pressed until officially becoming a finished hand-stitched leather journal with my personalised stamp on the last page.




Below is merely a sampling of what books are on offer and have been made.