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Exhibition & Performance

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In the performing arts, puppets and masks are tools for actors to give life to characters.


In the ancient ceremonial usage of these objects, they were meant to inhabit a soul, to house it like a “vessel” and allow it the opportunity to live once more.


My work walks the line between these worlds. Even when motionless on display, my goal is for the masks and objects to feel as if they're alive.


The success of this comes from the sensitive process of carving their subtle expressions, combined with the choice of materials. I use wood, paper, organic glues, and clay because I believe these materials carry a vibration of life with them that can be witnessed by an audience.


I invite you to visit my exhibition THE VESSEL in which I display various works I have created over recent years.  Some objects have been made through my own explorations, others were for clients such as Panama Pictures; Asko Schonberg; & Tim Hammer. Also featured will be large-scale photographs by Teis Albers.


Hosted in the barren and raw space of the Werkwarenhuis, the multidisciplinair arthouse  (and a former animal-feed factory) the art work will inhabit this emptiness to create an environment in which one can wander through, explore, and contemplate.


During the final weekend the artworks will literally come to life during two site-specific performances. Myself (puppeteer) with dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle will allow the objects and atmosphere tell us what stories they wish to share. Perhaps a puppet previously sleeping next you suddenly wakes up as a floating mask appears from the hidden corners…


Inspirations for our performance work come from physical theater, butoh dance, and Japanese mask and puppet theater.




Exhibition opening   Friday July 8th, 18:00 - 21:00

Performances    Friday July 15th 20:00  &  Sunday 17th 15:00

Exhibition is open:

Saturday July 9th til Sunday 17th 1300- 1700 hrs  **

Wednesday 13th CLOSED

** Saturday 9th  Kids mask-making 1400 - 1600 

€5 donation for materials

Het Werkwarenhuis,  the multidisciplinair arthouse 

Tramkade 22-24, 5211 VB Den Bosch

The Netherlands

10 minutes walk from Den Bosch station

5 minutes bicycle

Supported by Cultuurfondsen 's-Hertogenbosch

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