For my first puppet-themed workshop in Holland, I invite you to a course that combines learning new technical skills; experiencing different materials; and creating a character manipulated by one person.

I will first guide you through sculpting a puppets head and hands from two different non-toxic types of clay.

We will then work from objects and materials which we have gathered from the street, the forest, the recycle bin, or even grandmas attic. As we will listen to the stories that live already in these objects, they will help us to create expressive characters full of potential.

I will demonstrate how to create the bodies and costumes from these "found" items and how to assemble all the elements. The final realization will be an amazing blend of old and new stories, as well as old and new techniques.

This course is based on a masterclass I taught in Belgium at Le Centre de la Marionnette, Tournai.
I was pleasantly surprised by the results, and I have been looking forward to sharing it again.

4 days total
2 weekends
September 12 & 13
September 19 & 20
10.00 - 17.00
€360 (includes €30 worth of materials, plus coffee, tea, and professional quality pictures of the end result)


Matt Jackson Studios
Den Bosch, The Netherlands
20 minutes bike from train station.

Please contact me directly to register -or-

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
Especially if you are interested in the course, but the dates don’t work for you.