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As a teacher, Matt Jackson specialises in creating courses using organic materials, non-toxic processes, and recycled objects.

Below are examples of courses, but he welcomes proposals and can custom-create a workshop for you.

WORBLA mask-making workshop.

Ambacht in Beeld Festival.  September 24 & 25, 2022  NDSM Amsterdam

Three-hour masterclasses in making masks from a thermoplastic called Worbla.

-clay sculpting

-heating and forming of the Worbla

-information on painting and other finishing techniques.


The Rising Puppet Workshop.

Four-day workshop creating unique puppet characters inspired by 'found-objects"

-technical instruction and fabrication of heads, hands, and arms

-sculpting with professional grade air-drying clay and polymer clay

-painting techniques

-personal guidance in problem-solving how to design with found-objects

-various techniques for assembly

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The Living Mask Workshop.

Three-day workshop making masks from recycled papers and organic glues.

-plaster life-cast making on fellow participants

-sculpting unique mask from clay

-making organic glues

-casting papier-mache mask

-painting and other finishing techniques

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