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The Rising Puppet: Online Puppet-Making Workshop. Feb 19, 20, 26, 27


(Facebook event:

It will be an exciting mix of LIVE skill-sessions on ZOOM, with students also having access to pre-recorded videos to do their homework. I use a three-camera setup in an effort to always give you the best angle with also the experience of working live together. (Access to videos will be allowed after the course, but only for a limited-time)

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Rising Puppet course over the years because of it’s unexpected results. Alongside my technical instructions, the objective is to use “found objects” for the body parts, costumes, etc, etc.- and that’s what can lead to some wonderful characters.

Former student, the film-maker Andre Maat, made a great film with his puppet Philip.

I will:

- explain aspects from my own working processes

- guide you in sketching your new character

- help you in the preparations to sculpt a puppets head and hand from two different non-toxic clays

- Inspire you to work with objects and materials which have been discarded & then gathered from the street, the forest, the recycle bin, or even attic

- problem-solve with you how to bring it all together

As we imagine the stories that live already in these objects, they will help us to create expressive new characters!

4 sessions together

February 19, 20 & 26, 27

€300 (Payable with PayPal)

15:00 GMT+1 (PLEASE do your research to learn what time it is for you)

Live sessions are 2 - 3hrs long, with a 2-hr break for student time to work, and then a short session after break for check-ups.

PLEASE REGISTER EARLY (AROUND JANUARY 29), so I can send you the material list to ensure that you find everything in time!

Limited places available to guarantee my attention for all students.

Contact me directly to register

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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