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I am an observer, an ‘appreciator’. I regard the life that is evident around us- the people, the animals, and the nature.  And as an artist I am returning my sentiments and displaying my gratitude. I make objects, whether a mask, a puppet, or simply a sculpture, that hopefully inhabit their own life and add something new to the world. I feel like I am delivering new beings to the world, and am very conscious of their attitude.  Their expression is such that I sometimes poke at the sculpture bit by bit by bit in an effort to make them as neutral as possible so that they can be a completely open canvas to accept whatever emotions are projected onto them.  I am also very conscious of the energy they emit via their materials.  After many years of working as an art fabricator with unfortunate toxic substances and processes I have made a conscious effort in recent years to experiment with organic and recycled materials. 


Carving wood, casting paper, mixing organic glues and paints, using “found” objects, etc, etc… I appreciate that every substance carries its own history and energy and I am aware of this while I work. My wish to inspire with this intention is realised through the performances I create and workshops that I teach.


Photo: Jan van der Ven

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