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Exhibition & Performance

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In the performing arts, puppets and masks are tools for actors to give life to characters.


In the ancient ceremonial usage of these objects, they were meant to inhabit a soul, to house it like a “vessel” and allow it the opportunity to live once more.


My work walks the line between these worlds. Even when motionless on display, my goal is for the masks and objects to feel as if they're alive.

Please scroll through gallery for an impression of the exhibition







During ten days in July 2022, I installed a selection of my work in the barren and raw space of Het Werkwarenhuis, (a former animal-feed factory) in Den Bosch, The Netherlands.

I chose a selection of my personal work that I felt all shared a common goal: to come alive.

Few pieces were in fact made as commissions and were borrowed from clients such as Panama Pictures; Asko Schonberg; & Tim Hammer. Also featured were large-scale photographs by Teis Albers.

The installation became a scenography, and during the week I devised a site-specific performance with dancer Kristien Sonnevijlle.  We made two presentations the last weekend featuring live improvised musici. July 15th with Ivo van Dijk and July 17th with Patrick Knoops.

With their soundscapes following us, we brought to life several puppets and masks that had been previously silent at rest amongst the spectators. The audience followed us on a slow journey throughout the unusual space allowing time to appreciate the artwork and letting the images and sounds create a story in their imagination.

Performing in such close proximity to the viewers gave us the opportunity to create tender moments of connection between people and puppet.

The performance film is made by Teis Albers.

On July 8th we enjoyed the opening of the exhibition and sharing the space with an enthusiastic mix of viewers.











Teis Albers also made a walk-through film amongst the artwork:






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